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About Us

Greetings! I’m Jonathan, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to Easier Golden Visa. This is your go-to resource for navigating the intricate world of golden visas. And the incredible opportunities and lifestyle they unlock for you and your family. With a passion, our team is here to guide you through the exciting journey of securing a golden visa.

Our Mission

The Easier Golden Visa mission is simple: to unlock opportunities for you and your family. A better lifestyle. More business and investment opportunities. Enable you to embrace a digital nomad way of life. But no matter the motivation, the visa application process can be daunting. The rules and requirements complex, and subject to change. Our commitment is to provide you with accurate, up-to-date information and expert guidance. And, as much as possible, use plain and simple language. Seeking new business horizons, educational adventures, or a change of scenery? We’re here to make it easier. Every step of the way.

Why Choose Easier Golden Visa?

Independent: We are a team of passionate researchers, travelers, digital nomads and educators. We are not a visa consultancy. You can expect balanced and unbiased information.

Expertise: While we are not immigration consultants we have deep subject expertise. Expertise gained through research, insider industry information and personal experience.

Up-to-Date Information: We publish the latest developments in visa regulations and policies. We have a process to review, fact check and update our content.

Success Stories: Real people, real success. Discover inspiring stories of individuals who have obtained golden visas.

More Than A Visa: It’s always about more than getting a visa. That’s the official stamp on a personal journey. Learn about the other important aspects of your journey. Things like culture, education, food & fun. Everything you need to build a new life in a new place.

Connect with Us

Have a question, a success story, or need personalized advice (we can put you in touch with someone if we don’t know)? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us, and let’s explore the world of golden visas together. Details are on the contact page.

Thank you for choosing Easier Golden Visa as your trusted resource. Here’s to a world of opportunities awaiting you!

Best regards,

Jonathan Low – Founder, Easier Golden Visa

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